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online + in-person

New clients begin with a free initial consultation to find out if we're a right match before embarking on our work together.

You can choose to work in single sessions (pay as you go) or as a package plan.

Custom payment plans are available upon request.


Reduced rates are prioritized for BIPOC & non-binary folks, students, and farmers.

* Please note that for every session, Christine conducts approximately 2-6 hours of research and formulation in order to provide the highest quality individualized protocols and herbal formulas for each client.


Equitable Pricing: A Commitment to Accessibility

As part of Common Ground's mission to making holistic healthcare as accessible to all as possible, I provide a tiered pricing model. It allows you to choose your price that best reflects your financial situation, while at the same time supports the work that I do by ensuring I get paid at a fair price.

The Supportive Rate is a "pay-it-forward" rate and is for those who have extra financial resources. Every supportive rate paid helps us to give services to a community member at a reduced rate.

The Standard Rate is the actual price of the service. It is for those who can meet their basic needs but have little-to-no expendable income.


The Reduced Rate is for those who struggle to meet their basic needs and paying for this service would still be a significant hardship.

Thanks to Worts and Cunning for providing resources on equitable pricing systems.

What To Expect When Working Together


Initial Consultation


In this 30 minute virtual consultation we will get to know each other and find out if I'm the right match for your health needs. We'll discuss your current health challenges and health goals as well as my methods and tools that I use as a clinical herbalist and nutritionist. 


In-take Session

Supportive: $185


Standard: $150

Reduced: $100

* Price does not include herbal formula and suggested supplements

For your first session, we will delve into your health history. If relevant, I may also view most recent lab work. This is also an opportunity for you to share who you are and your personal story in a safe space. Together, we will build a blueprint of your current state of health and build the foundation for our long-term work together.  This first initial session usually lasts 90 minutes.


Individualized Protocol

Investment: Varies


Price of herbal formulas and supplements vary by client needs. Shipping costs will be charged additionally.

About a week after your in-take, you will receive:

  • Herbal medicine in the form of a concentrated tea, tincture, powder, etc. targeted specifically to your individual constitution and for your health condition. 

  • An individualized and step-by-step Wellness Action Plan (includes dietary protocols, supplement suggestions, and vitalist lifestyle therapeutics)

  • Email support and accountability

You will follow the protocol laid out in your Wellness Action Plan until our next scheduled follow-up session.


Follow-up Session

Supportive: $125


Standard: $85

Reduced: $65

Using non-invasive, natural methods to correct imbalances in the body requires commitment and consistency in order to see improvements in health. I recommend my clients work with me for at least 2 sessions to make an impactful transformation in their health.

A typical follow-up session usually lasts from 45 minutes to 1 hour. We will review your progress and any changes in your health since our in-take session or most recent follow-up and make adjustments to your herbal formula, nutritional protocol and vitalist therapeutics. We may also discuss any new health challenges that you would like to work on.

* Price does not include herbal formula re-fills


Roots of Resilience Comprehensive Wellness Package

For those with a chronic illness (autoimmunity, rheumatoid arthritis, PCOS, hormonal imbalances, etc.) ready to commit to transforming their health from the inside out. 

  • 90 minute initial in-take session ($150)

  •  60 minute follow-up session to go over your personalized Wellness Action Plan which includes: ($85)

+ Nutritional Protocols + Recipes

+ Supplement Recommendations

+ Vitalist & Mindfulness Practices

  • 60 minute follow-up session to track progress and discuss challenges ($85)

  • A month's worth of customized herbal formulas ($50-100, does not include shipping)

  • Email support, coaching, and accountability

Investment (Standard Rate): $355 (Approx $395 value. Save 10%)


Single Support Session

For those seeking herbal support to address acute health concerns such as cold/flu, holistic recovery from a physical injury, etc.

  • 60 minute in-take session ($100)

  • 45 minute follow-up session ($64)

  • A personalized Wellness Action Plan

  • 2 weeks worth of customized herbal medicine ($15-40)

  • Email support, coaching, and accountability

Investment (Standard Rate): $220 (Approx $245 value. Save 10%)

Ready to discover your path to health?

Book your free 30 min consultation here.

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