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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are sessions held?

Due to COVID-19, I am holding all sessions virtually through Zoom, a free video-calling platform that you can use on your computer or mobile phone.

Can herbs help my xyz?

Yes! Herbs can act as a gentle adjunct therapy to most health conditions and complement the work you're doing with another health practitioner (MD, Naturopath, nurse practitioner, psychotherapist, etc.) I work specifically with clients who experience digestive imbalances, hormonal imbalances, and autoimmunity

I am on medications. Can I still use herbs?

Yes, it is possible with a custom herbal formula. Chemical constituents specific to an herb can interact with some pharmaceutical medications and affect its efficacy. I formulate my herbal medicine with your specific health condition or diagnosis and medications in mind. For each custom formula I make, I use two databases of botanical safety standards to check for any potential herb-drug and herb-herb interactions.

How much do herbal formulas cost?

Costs vary for each client depending on their individual needs. You will get an approximate cost for your herbal formulas after your in-take session. Based on the kind of formula(s) you're taking (a concentrated tea, tincture, powder, etc.) and the dosage and duration, price ranges anywhere from $25-100 every 2-4 weeks. If you are not available for local pick-up in Boulder County, shipping costs will also be included in the price of your herbal formula.

How do I get my supplements and herbs?

I am currently working in partnership with the Evergreen Center's clinical apothecary in Lafayette, Colorado. If you are local, you can pick up your herbal formulas and supplements there. Due to COVID-19, the clinic has set up a contactless pick-up system outside of the clinic entrance. If you are not local, I will ship your herbal formula to you. You will receive an invoice detailing the cost of your herbal formulas + shipping costs.

Do you sell herbs?

I do not sell herbs or herbal products at the moment. Only custom herbal formulas are sold as part of our 1:1 sessions together. I would be happy to recommend you any local apothecaries in your area or reputable online apothecaries / herb companies from which to buy herbal products from.

Where is your clinical practice based out of?

My practice is based in Boulder, Colorado, but I can work virtually with any client based in the United States!

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