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Clinical Herbalism & Integrative Nutrition

Common Ground Wellness

Holistic herbal healthcare for collective resilience

Common Ground Wellness provides compassionate, individualized, and accessible holistic healthcare using evidence-based herbal medicine, functional nutrition, and a whole systems approach to health.


Hi, I'm Christine and I'm a Certified Clinical Herbalist & Integrative Nutritionist based on the unceded territories of the Arapahoe, Ute, and Cheyenne Nations (Boulder, Colorado).

I help people with autoimmunity and hormonal and digestive imbalances achieve whole health through herbal + nutritional therapies.

My approach to health care is grounded in a trauma-informed and person-centered framework that focuses on supporting your body's innate and regenerative capacity to move towards its natural state of wholeness and vitality.

Read more about Common Ground's Guiding Principles here.

Health is not just about the absence of disease.

As a holistic health practitioner, I look beyond your diagnosis and labs. We will look at the root cause of your symptoms by looking at the whole person and centering our work around building vitality and resilience while increasing your sense of purpose, connection, and well-being. I do this through the use of evidence-based herbal medicine, clinical nutritional protocols and lifestyle interventions rooted in vitalist principles.

Conditions I Work With


Autoimmune Disease

Digestive Imbalances

Endocrine Imbalances

Insulin Resistance

Women's Health

Acute Illness

A Collaborative Wellness Plan Tailored to You


Clinically Formulated

Herbal Medicine

Herbal formulas are custom formulated to your individual constitution and health condition and verified for any herb-drug interactions.



Nutrition Plan

Holistic nutritional protocols are based on a nutrient-dense, whole foods approach that focus on healing and restoring gut integrity while taking into account your individual dietary needs.




Using lifestyle modifications rooted in vitalist principles, you will learn how to establish healthy routines to nourish your whole self in relationship to nature.

Image by Jan Dommerholt

“I sincerely appreciate Christine's passion and knowledge. She prepared tinctures for me and provided personalized recipes and menus for me to follow. She works with you to create a healthy plan for holistic living. Christine is a fantastic herbalist. She offers safe, holistic, and nutritional solutions to whatever might ail you.”


—  Kat, Virginia

Be good to your gut!

Discover why gut health is essential and find out how you can support your microbiome. You may experience side effects like glowing skin and better sleep.


Ready to discover your path to health?

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